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I wish i was smart, besides in music. Laugh i am so gay for myself. But anyways, if i were smart I could actually have a good argument.

I want to write a new song on the piano, like a really good minuet or something in that nature. I am getting a lot better at writing music in a Baroque fashion. But i guess there is a reason why it is not popular anymore.

Things are getting a bit better with Lauren and I. I just can not read what she thinks about me. I know she is still not happy. I am trying though.

Remains Forgotten news!!!!!!!!

We are writing brand new material, it sounds so bitching! I get all Bach with myself on it. Our big show in San Marcos got cancelled, which is a huge bad kudos to whoever cancelled it. But, we have an All ages show on January 24th in Lemon Grove at Kings Music. everyone and anyone should come. Its only 5 dollars:)

Lauren is playing guitar right now, she looks hot when she is focused. Perv
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