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Boyah [12. 20. 2008 @ 1.39.a]
[ mood | artistic ]

I wish i was smart, besides in music. Laugh i am so gay for myself. But anyways, if i were smart I could actually have a good argument.

I want to write a new song on the piano, like a really good minuet or something in that nature. I am getting a lot better at writing music in a Baroque fashion. But i guess there is a reason why it is not popular anymore.

Things are getting a bit better with Lauren and I. I just can not read what she thinks about me. I know she is still not happy. I am trying though.

Remains Forgotten news!!!!!!!!

We are writing brand new material, it sounds so bitching! I get all Bach with myself on it. Our big show in San Marcos got cancelled, which is a huge bad kudos to whoever cancelled it. But, we have an All ages show on January 24th in Lemon Grove at Kings Music. everyone and anyone should come. Its only 5 dollars:)

Lauren is playing guitar right now, she looks hot when she is focused. Perv

1Rock n'Roll | Suicide

[12. 07. 2008 @ 8.07.p]
C, Mon Tom Brokaw. Don't Hate


[12. 01. 2008 @ 8.22.p]
Oh man, things have been quite the drama lately

[11. 29. 2008 @ 4.22.p]
[ mood | crazy ]

Holy Shit, Remains forgotten is going to be recording in an actual fucking STUDIO, holy fuck shit awesome.


[11. 28. 2008 @ 4.01.a]
i am now officially 20 years old, only one year left until i hit that magic number.

[11. 17. 2008 @ 3.46.a]
stupid stupid stupid. fuck you 3:46 am

my yearly update [09. 17. 2008 @ 12.36.a]
so life has been pretty good right now, I played a show last weekend with the new band im in ( Remains Forgotten ) we are a Neo- Classical Death Metal Band ( Look us up). I play keyboard for the band, its a huge change from playing guitar in all the other bands.

Target Sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

[03. 11. 2008 @ 10.47.p]
Start watching at the 11:00 minute mark.

[03. 09. 2008 @ 1.35.a]

[03. 09. 2008 @ 1.30.a]

[03. 08. 2008 @ 11.21.p]
This is some coooool sheeeit right here. if you are shopping and this Shit comes on. Its for real Cool sheeit


[02. 09. 2008 @ 8.23.p]
So, music theory is my favorite class this semester, It is just so fun. My teacher is pretty cool, i try to talk to him as much as i can. Everyday i know im learning something new and it has started to show in my playing and how i can talk about music, ive actually memorized all of the key signatures and their relative minors. And how to convert the natural,harmonic and melodic scales from the major scales. All i know is the more i talk about it the more is gets soaked into my brain.

[02. 03. 2008 @ 10.11.p]
I love my babe sooooo much, She and I went on a shopping spree, well, i got a shirt, but she bought all these new cloths that just look so awesomely hot on her. It was so much fun. Then we made Tostadas which were bomb, i love cubed beef. Then we watched the end of the super bowl to watch New ENgland get its ass kicked. They are a bunch of yuppies. BUt the highlight was my babe and her new cloths. and her delicious peanut butter desert, i dont mean fecal vomit, i mean delicious desert of peanut butter and choclate yummness. I learned a Minuet on the piano the other night. I starting to feel that i do stand a chance in the music world. Im teh best one in my piano class hahaha and music theory is just throwing me out of my mind with mass amounts of learning. I love it and my babe!

[01. 23. 2008 @ 2.58.p]
Whats up with everybody loving heath ledger so much, i never heard anybody talk about him for so long. But then he dies and suddenly everyone exclaims how big a talent and great guy he was. I personally don't give a damn, he probably caused his own death. ANd what was up with Owen Wilson trying to kill himself, what is so bad about is life that he suffers to the point of death. I just don't get it. Inform me

I wanna play a D minor diminished 7th chord [01. 09. 2008 @ 1.27.p]
I got my piano the other day, its all that i could ask for. I bargained for it at guitar center all by myself. Lauren talked me into it so i wouldn't have to wait for her dad to help me. It was kinda scary cos the guy was bald and pissed. He threw me off because he asked me if i needed help, but instead coming over and talking to me, he just rung up the price for the piano.So i was all like "excuse me bitch, ill give you $300 for it". Lauren helped me too saying "You heard him, give it to him" Thats all how it went down. Then the piano wouldn't fit in my car. So while waited for my dad t come pick it up these cops came and started looking into peoples cars with their flash light, the actually tried to open a car, They are crazy.

I don't know who to vote for in the primary. I like Clinton and Obama both, and electing either of them would be a huge historical event, Its confusing. I registered to vote today and i will be an official Democrat. I wonder if my dad is upset that i am not a republican.

My Celebrity Look-alikes [12. 29. 2007 @ 2.09.a]

MyHeritage: Celebrity Collage - Family reunion


[12. 20. 2007 @ 10.46.p]
I am worried about my babe

[12. 14. 2007 @ 12.05.a]


A Satrical Entry [12. 13. 2007 @ 11.31.p]
My oh my, is not today so exhilerating, the eucolyptus are just blossoming from the radiation. The particle waves are just hitting me in my outer layer of skin. Uncanny that the amphibians are not out , there is so much moisture and condensation outside. The police are out and about, we hippies must save the day! for the amphibeans and their right to free speech and praise to allah or god. God save conservation


[11. 26. 2007 @ 12.10.a]
It is my Birtday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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