Ryan (jimmyjazz158) wrote,

I wanna play a D minor diminished 7th chord

I got my piano the other day, its all that i could ask for. I bargained for it at guitar center all by myself. Lauren talked me into it so i wouldn't have to wait for her dad to help me. It was kinda scary cos the guy was bald and pissed. He threw me off because he asked me if i needed help, but instead coming over and talking to me, he just rung up the price for the piano.So i was all like "excuse me bitch, ill give you $300 for it". Lauren helped me too saying "You heard him, give it to him" Thats all how it went down. Then the piano wouldn't fit in my car. So while waited for my dad t come pick it up these cops came and started looking into peoples cars with their flash light, the actually tried to open a car, They are crazy.

I don't know who to vote for in the primary. I like Clinton and Obama both, and electing either of them would be a huge historical event, Its confusing. I registered to vote today and i will be an official Democrat. I wonder if my dad is upset that i am not a republican.
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